Thursday, May 6, 2010

From the Shelves of Eli & Emerson (1): Make Way for Ducklings...

I am occasionally going to write about what I've been reading to my babies as a way to keep track and remember all the books of their childhood. The most appropriate way to start seems to be with Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey.

We recently took a trip to Boston to have the babies one year pictures taken and it just so happens that we were taking the pictures in the Boston Public Gardens the setting of this book. In preparation for the trip my Mother-in-law sent the babies their very own copy so they could be ready.

The night before we left Marcus read the babies the story (which is just adorable). I had forgotten how cute this book is.
Marcus reading to the babies.

Once at the park we immediately went searching for the statues and it wasn't hard to find because there were surrounded by little kids. We waited patiently for our opening and stuck our kids next to the statues for a photo op. They had no idea what was going on but they both starting touching the duck, laughing and then Eli started licking it (which totally grossed me out.)

I have to say it's one of the cutest statues I've ever seen.

Checking out a duckling.

Emerson sitting on Mrs. Mallard the mama duck.
Eli sitting on Mrs. Mallard.

It was a great afternoon, and the story is adorable. I know we'll be reading it over and over again with the babies.

(An Ice Cream truck outside the park with a Make Way for Ducklings illustration on it). 

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  1. How cute is that truck, not to mention the adorable pictures of those two! We never made it over there...I guess it'll give us insensitive to go back :-)