Monday, August 23, 2010

Mockingjay sighting...

I'm a nerd, I realize, but I own it and I don't really care. I had to go to Wal.Mart (not my fav.) because the babies needed more formula and it's right next to our house. I decided to check out the books, just to see if maybe by some mistake they accidently put Mockingjay on the shelves a day early.

I wandered over casually and as I stood there an employee was stocking the shelves. I saw a box labeled, "Do not display until 8/24" and I just knew it held Mockingjay. So I awkwardly start staring as she proceeds with her stocking duties.

I'm silently hoping she won't notice the side of the box and put a few copies out. She did in fact open the box, and I slyly/Casually/ super awkwardly tried to look inside and I saw the light blue covers.

At this point my slyness/casualness is just full blown awkward so she gives me a look and asks, "Can I help you with something?"

"um... no thank you I'm just looking"

While in my head I'm plotting how I can remove one of the books from the box unnoticed. She then pulls one out and my hopes are raised... she's going to display them.

But, then she checked something on her little device put the book back in the box and walked away.

So very close.

I wonder if I go at midnight if they'll give me one. After all midnight does officially make it August 24th which is the release date.

(Marcus thinks I'm only mildly insane).  He did later say that maybe he should have caused some sort of diversion (it's not hard when shopping with twins) and I could have grabbed myself a book.

Not that I'd ever be brave enough to do that but a girl can dream.

Mockingjay is released tomorrow...

and to celebrate many bloggers are hosting Hunger Game giveaways including The Nerds Wife. Just go to that link or here to enter to win Hunger game necklaces or T-shirts.

I've been trying to think about my strategy for obtaining a book tomorrow. I have to work at 9, so I'm thinking of getting up early, finding a store that carries the book and then taking it to work with me. Where it will sit tempting me on my desk all day waiting for me to start reading.

Although I suppose if I actually want to be a productive employee tomorrow I should probably wait until after work to buy it. Decisions, decisions...

I'm so excited (much to Marcus' amusement)!! And if you are too go to the above links and enter to win cool Hunger Games Stuff!