Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Candace Bushnell book signing...

Last friday Candace Bushnell came to a bookstore nearby and I couldn't resist another reading and book signing. This signing was a little different than Jodi Picoult's because I had never read anything by Candace Bushnell, but I'm a huge fan of the show Sex & the City so I wanted to see the woman who was responsible for one of my favorite series.

She was different than I expected, although I can't even really explain why. She read a passage from her newest book The Carrie Diaries (which I now own a signed copy of, review coming soon) and then answered questions. Much of them centering on Sex & The City. I actually learned a ton of things I didn't know. For example Carrie Bradshaw started off as her altar ego, there really is a Mr. Big (but she didn't marry him he married someone else) she had on tall adorable shoes that I could never ever pull off without breaking an ankle or looking like I was playing dress up. She also told a hilarious story about an IRL friend who behaves much like Samantha Jones. The story involved a party, a football player, and a cedar closet (I'll leave it at that). She was really very sweet and had a great approachable personality.

The only bummer about the entire thing was the staff at the bookstore were a little bit controlling about things. This wasn't a huge signing at all, but they gave us strict instructions. We could only have Candace write our name nothing else, they expected that we would take a picture with her while she was signing (which is dumb because who wants a picture of the top of her head as she's looking at the book...)
See...  a picture while she's signing not the best.

So I ignored that rule, it's much better to see each persons face (at least in my opinion).

The bookstore staff also really rushed people through the line. My friend came with me and he was asking Candace a question and one of the bookstore ladies rudely asked, "Do you want to get in line to ask your question?" Despite the fact that he had been waiting in line and it was his turn to ask a question. Candace very graciously clarified this and started to answer when the staff decided our turn was up and rushed us away while Candace was in mid-sentence. It seemed strange because Candace seemed really willing to engage each person for a bit but we kept getting pushed through. I did hang around browsing the bookstore and after everyone else had left I approached her again so we could ask another question, and I then also requested if I could have another picture this time without the table in the way.

Her response cracked me up. She said, "Sure Sadie you've been such a sweetie."(I got a pretty cranky look from a staff person when I made this request for once again defying their rules). Mostly I got a kick out of the fact that she remembered my name from earlier. It was a really fun night. She's great and I now want to actually read The Sex & the City book and I'm looking forward to part II of The Carrie Diaries. (And I did really love the bookstore. It was adorable and I would love to own one just like it. However, in mine I would let the author decide the rules of a signing instead of just rushing people through).

Me & Candace after the official signing.

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