Friday, July 9, 2010

Flash Back Friday: The O.J. Simpson Trial...

Yes, you read the title correctly the O.J. Simpson trial. Which I realize is probably not among most peoples childhood reading favorites, but for me it was. My entire life I wanted to be a lawyer (and I'll be honest I still haven't fully given up on that thought) and because of this desire I loved reading about and studying the legal and judicial system (I was a strange kid). The murders happened the Summer before 4th grade for me in 1994, and the trial and verdict took place during my 5th grade year. I actively followed the case and can clearly remember watching the verdict read live on TV.

After the trial and verdict the books surrounding the case began to be published and I eagerly started my collection as I read books by Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden (the D.A.s), a book about O.J. Simpson's "Dream Team" a book written by an investigator, and a book written by the family of Ron Goldman. I also had a book that served as an education tool that had a glossary of terms which I studied and included forms that the jury and the judges and lawyers would have filled out during the trial. 

I even bought O.J. Simpson's first book, although even in the 6th grade this caused me pause and question whether I wanted to own his book. In the end I bought it for two reasons: 1) It was in the bargain bin for $3 and 2) I decided that any good lawyer should be willing to read both sides (I took these things very seriously). 

I also wrote my first research paper on the O.J. Simpson trial in the 6th grade. While all of my classmates browsed the internet and library for resources I simply brought my own collection to school.

I'm not entirely sure what my mom thought of my fascination with the trial and my requests for these books for christmas and birthday presents (I'll have to ask her) or my teachers for that matter, but the trial and these books were very much a part of my childhood reading experience in 5th and 6th grade. 
My O.J. Simpson trial book collection

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