Friday, July 16, 2010

Flash Back Friday: American Girl (Addy)

Flashback Friday is a chance to showcase books that you loved as a kid or teenager. Hosted by Lovely Little Shelf
 I loved the American Girl dolls and books when I was a little girl. My favorite of all of the books were those about Addy a young girl who escapes slavery with her mom in 1864. I remember reading the first book about Addy and the description of her enslavement on a plantation. As punishment for missing a few grubs on the plants the overseer forced her to eat the grubs. As I read this book I can remember being moved to tears, which was an odd experience being 7 or 8 years old.

These books were my first look and encounter with our nations history of slavery and the subsequent racism that followed the emancipation. I am indebted to the American Girl stories about Addy that opened my worldview and mind to something bigger and an issue which is still so very important to me. I hope as my children grow they too will want to read these books so that their worlds and perspective can grow with them. Hopefully allowing them to grow into young adults with an eye towards compassion and justice. 

All of my Addy Books
And me a few weeks ago at the American Girl store in Minneapolis. I've wanted to go since I was a little girl and finally had my chance. In the bag is the newest Addy book (one they had written since I was younger) An Addy Mystery. 

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  1. Addy was always my favorite of the American Girls. Thanks for the flashback!